REVIEW: Jaguar F-Pace 3.0 V6 diesel

Inventors have been putting pen to paper since the beginning of time and many of the things we enjoy today have come through generations of refinement. The telephone, the lightbulb, the aeroplane, medical advancements… It all went through some change… Continue Reading →

New Land Rover Discovery launched in South Africa

The Land Rover Discovery is by far one of the most complete off-road vehicles ever made. Every generation, from the first to the fourth, was equipped with formidable capabilities and each new vehicle raised the bar for other off-road vehicles…. Continue Reading →

En route in the new Land Rover Discovery!

Most people love a good story. Especially one that is filled with vivid images, emotion, and life. And that’s one thing Kingsley Holgate can do pretty well: tell a good story. But wait, you’re probably wondering who this Holgate fella… Continue Reading →

Hyundai Tucson gets sports treatment for SA market

According to Hyundai South Africa, more than 7 500 third-generation Tucsons were sold in the 13 months since its local launch in 2016 – claiming a 16.5% share in its segment. And to them that is reason enough for celebration… Continue Reading →

New Land Rover Discovery: Details and pricing for SA

The all-new Land Rover Discovery’s all-terrain ability makes it one of the most capable vehicles ever to wear a Land Rover badge, says the automaker. Engineered to have inherent off-road capability, the new Disco has more ground clearance, can wade… Continue Reading →

Video: 5 Reasons to consider the 2016 Chevrolet Captiva

The 2016 Chevrolet Captiva has just been launched in South Africa and I was lucky enough to drive the enhanced model from Port Elizabeth to Cape Town. Yes, it is heavy (2,5 ton!), but it made mince meat of the… Continue Reading →

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